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Regulatory Updates

Missing out on regulatory development is a big no-no. Stay on top of all key regulatory developments from the jurisdictions you care about with Regulatory Updates by MICA. Today MICA offers access to over 50 legal and regulatory sources across Asia-Pacific with more being added every single day. On the regulatory front, MICA’s got you covered! Oh and with MICA you also get access to all content made available by your preferred legal or regulatory source.


Understanding regulations requires time, deliberation and effort. Scratch that. MICA is now making it faster and easier for you to understand how regulations impact your business. Collaborate on regulatory interpretation and analysis with your team via our comments feature. Let MICA’s Insights automatically identify which of your internal controls will be impacted by regulatory developments.

Regulatory Mapping

With MICA you can personalize regulations you care about by annotating these with your own summaries and then easily taking that next step into impact assessment by easily mapping all regulations and sentences to internal controls, functions, systems and much more.

Comments & Collaboration

Now you can discuss and collaborate on regulatory interpretation and analysis with your team members via our comments feature. You also get to retain a history of all comments and associated activity so you never have to wonder how the team reached a particular interpretive stance.


Operationalise regulations faster with our task manager that allow users to assign adhoc or recurring tasks to compliance team members and general employees from different functions to ensure regulations are properly implemented.

Controls Builder

Store and access all of your internal controls and map these to specific regulations, functions and locations. Update your controls centrally with MICA’s help.

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