Our mission: to help make compliance teams ridiculously efficient

Compliance officers are important people with a very important task: to help ensure their companies operate their businesses legally while mitigating the risk of unethical or potentially illegal conduct. It is because their job is to prevent bad things from happening that it’s hard to appreciate the work they do when things are going well - but make no mistake, they play a key role in preserving the integrity, reputation and bottom-line of their companies. Unfortunately, more often than not, they are expected to get the job done with lean teams, limited budgets and little attention; despite the fact that the regulations they seek to implement and the risks they fight to mitigate are only getting more complex.

This is why I left my role as a compliance officer and set out, together with my co-founder Shubhankar, to build something that would tip the scales back in favour of compliance professionals. Today we are fulfilling that purpose through MICA which stands for My Intelligent Compliance Assistant. MICA helps our clients track, understand and act on regulatory changes more effectively today than they ever did before. Tomorrow, we believe MICA will be an indispensable member of every compliance team as she will continue to do and offer more thereby generating a higher ROI for our clients.

Hardesh Singh, Co-Founder & CEO

Hardesh Singh CEO & Co-founder

Hardesh is a trained solicitor and has spent close to 10 years as a compliance professional, primarily in financial services and most recently as head of Group Compliance for Sembcorp Industries. He has managed his own compliance consultancy previously servicing clients across Asia and speaks regularly on ethics and compliance related topics. Hardesh believes tech can help tilt the scales back in favour of risk and compliance professionals everywhere.

Shubhankar Srivastava CTO & Co-founder

Shubhankar is a data scientist-turned entrepreneur, having more than 3 years of experience working with Machine Learning & AI models. He has worked in data science teams at billion-dollar e-commerce firms and VC-funded startups, impacting over a million customers with his algorithm designs. Shubhankar believes in channeling the power of data mining to disrupt the risk & compliance industry.

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